IT Infrastructure and Networking.

This knowledge is how computers talk to each other within buildings and to remote offices. How to create and monitor "Virtual Private Networks" VPN and securing these connections.
  • Ski-Republic. Implemented/ managed 45 shop network to head office.
  • TUI. 5 European country offices to London Head office. Then local resorts to those central offices.
  • First Hydro. Monitor internal and external network because remotely controlled Ffestiniog power station from Dinorwig power station control room.

Server Management.

This knowledge is how to design, install and maintain servers for an organization. This could be a single server to store and secure a business's documents, to a large data center environments.
  • Ski-Republic. Designed and implemented a central server using Microsoft Server 2003 (64bit version) with active directory for security of company data. Included a tape backup strategy.
  • TUI. Monitored and supported over 10 servers (Windows 2000 32bit) within France and remotely supported others in Italy and Austria.
  • First Hydro. Monitored and upgraded servers (Windows NT4).

Standard Desktop Environment (PC and Laptop Setup)

To reduce the number of problems with computers in general, WWSS can configured all computers with the same setting and software. I then locked down the computer so that it would be difficult for people to install programs they shouldn't. As these computers were based in resorts or shops out of sight of their managers, staff would treat it as if it was their own personal computer and would try to personalize it. This can cause unknown problems with corporate programs or web sites and reduce productivity. Once a computer has been installed and configured it can be cloned to 1 or many computers at once. Thus reduce the install time per computer.
  • Ski-Republic. 150 computer used for tills (POS) and 20 used in the office. (Windows XP French, with Open office in shops and Office 2007 for office staff)
  • TUI. 300 computers based in Resort for France. 80 used in overseas office. (Windows XP English Office XP or Office 2003)
  • First Hydro. 150 office computers based across 3 sites. (Windows NT4 and Office 97)

SQL and Databases.

Behind almost every computer program there is a database to store and retrieve data, be it customer data, invoices or stock control. Linked with this is a process called "Data Mining". This is using all the companies raw data to retrieving meaningful information that could be used for monitoring, security or marketing.
  • Ski World. CSQ system to record paper copies into the database. Use reports to produce statistics on customer satisfaction, performance of staff and accommodation.
  • Ski-Republic. Used Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to take 11 shop databases and merge them into one large database for reporting.
  • TUI. Mobile phone usage database. Every month they would download an itemized bill for the 300 mobile phone within the company. The paper bill would take up 3 reams of paper (1500 sheets) per month. From this raw data I produced an A5 single report for each mobile of usage and cost. This allowed management to monitor the costs and recouped money for personal use.
  • First Hydro. Plant Data. Used Oracle database to record 2000 sensors in the power station every 30 seconds. Student project was to build a "Data Warehouse" to keep all historical information as the server can only hold 3 weeks' worth of data. Now it can archive information for many years.

Software Development and Programming.

From an early age and my 1st computer I enjoyed writing programs. As computers developed so did the sophistication of the programs. At college I was taught how to design and write good programs. This is second nature now and I can build a system to meet anyone needs.


Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool and can be used from accountants to zoo keepers to display or record information. For most companies its day to day functionality and potential is barely used. Using some of these function or formulas WWSS can transform what information you want to record or display. The potential for this it to take peoples existing processes and optimize them in Excel.


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